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Walden, Chozen Blood record new collabo after eight years

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By Hussein Kiganda

It’s been over eight years since Faridah Walden and Chozen Blood gave us the love ballad, Pressure Ya Love, which paved way for the singers’ popularity.

Afterwards, the duo parted ways when Walden went to the UK for further studies.

Walden became a professional midwife, while Chozen focused on music as a solo artiste.

Well, the two have united forces and released a collabo dubbed Nkubira.

Explaining how they decided to record Nkubira, Chozen told journalists that Walden had come back from the UK to visit and that’s how they conceived the idea of collaborating on the song.

“She came back after eight years. We were so happy to see one another. To remind ourselves of the past days, we decided to record a song,” he explained.

Pressure Ya Love was my first song and it means so much to us. It introduced us to the industry. This new song introduces Walden to the fans again and I am sure they will be so happy to watch it.”

On whether the two plan to make a duo again, Chozen answered in the negative.

“I am now an independent artiste and she is a midwife back in the UK. When I talked to her, it looked like she is too busy with work.”

Chozen has climbed the ladders in the music industry. He is popular for songs such as Sharp Shooter, Slay Queen and Obuwala.


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