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Wakaliwood ventures into music business

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By Hussein Kiganda

Ugandan film house Ramon Films Productions also dubbed Wakaliwood is considering the option of fusing music into film by making a music record label.

Wakaliwood Boss Isaac Nabwana told The Kampala Sun that a music band had been made and this consists majorly of child actors and singers who have been found with talent.

“Music was there first because we made a music studio and then a band. Our band is called Waka Stars and it’s made up of Rachel M as the lead singer and many other young singers. They started playing music using old plastics and saucepans but now they use actual instruments,” Nabwana said.

Waka Stars Band performing a few years ago. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

Nabwana noted that it’s impossible to separate film from music because the two industries work hand in hand. To him music supplements the film industry because to make a film interesting, music has to be considered. He added that musicians could be used to scoop audiences which could be turned into the film market.

 Waka Stars practicing martial arts in one of the scenes of the Wakaliwood movies. Photos. Hussein Kiganda

“My idea was; if we are to make it as the film industry, we need to make our own musicians in the industry. They have a wide audience which we need especially for our premieres but it’s expensive to hire them. Musicians also help to make soundtracks and background music in a movie.,” he said.

Wakaliwood’s Racheal M has released songs like mpalampalampa, Things gonna be alright, mummy and daddy, jubilation, sweet mama and her latest is Prom Party. She is known for her “anti kale” cover which garnered over 5 million views on YouTube. The young singer’s music videos have all got more than a million views. Racheal M did a collabo with Spice Diana and has always featured in her music videos.

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