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Wakaliwood to represent Uganda at German festival

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By Hussein Kiganda

Wakaliwood, also known as Ramon Film Productions, a popular film house that produces low-budget action movies, is tipped to represent Uganda at the Documenta festival in Kassel, Germany. 

Documenta is the biggest art festival in Germany and takes place every five years. This year marks its 15th edition. 

Godfrey Isaac Nabwana, the Ramon Film Productions boss, together with his production manager, Harriet Nakasujja, are already in Germany for the event.

They will be joined by Ronald Kazibwe, Apollo Asimwe, and Isaac Newton Kizito (a 14-year-old visual artist) to form a team of five.

“We were invited to showcase our work and teach the world how to make low-budget films,” Nabwana told The Kampala Sun.

Wakaliwood is known for its 2010 blockbuster movie Who Killed Captain Alex, which was shot with just $200 (about sh750,000 today).

To this day, it is still the most trending Ugandan movie outside the Ugandan borders. 

The production house has shot other action-packed movies like; Once Upon A Time In Uganda, Rescue Team, Kung Fu Brothers, Bodaboda Killers and Once A Soja.

The team will also premiere their latest action-packed movie called Football Commando on June 15 in a cinema hall called Gloria Theatre in Germany, which was reserved specifically for them, according to Nabwana.

Football Commando is a story about a German family that came from Germany to visit Uganda.

Isaac Nabwana shooting one of his action movies (above and below)

The team bagged the gig after they worked with the German Embassy for two years in a workshop that was aimed at training Ugandan filmmakers on how to use the available resources to do films.

Nabwana said it’s an honour to showcase their work to an audience of about 800,000 people and to work with countries like Germany and Indonesia.

“Germany and Indonesia have the highest market for our work as Wakaliwood,” Nabwana noted. “When we reached here, we were welcomed as guests and given an independent theatre from which we shall showcase our work and screen our movies for about 100 days.”

Kizito will also be allowed to make a presentation before the audience, especially to an Indonesian group of child filmmakers on how to use visual effects to create scenes that cannot be accessed. 

Kizito designed the Entebbe Airport and made a Bombardier in the movie Football Commando and has since been hailed for his work.

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