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Vyper Ranking throws MC Kats under the bus

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Dancehall singer Vyper Ranking has put media personality and city events emcee, MC Kats on the spot, claiming he frustrated his career when starting out.

That the emcee demanded that the singer’s management get the baby mama, singer Fille’s music on particular entertainment/music TV channels in exchange for a TV interview, which they did.
Then on D-day he lied about where he was since he was hosting the show on the street. He asked them to meet him at Silk Naalya, then he was at Wave Lounge suddenly. They rushed there only to be greeted by the waiters and waitresses.

“He became a nightmare to me. We met through a guy called Dre. He was the person putting the songs of local artistes on international music channels. We asked Kats to have me on After5, he asked us to put Fille’s song on Trace, Soundcity and Afropop. Management spent money on it and the songs were put on air,” he said.

He made the revelation while appearing on media personality, Mr. Henrie’s YouTube channel.
This attracted a lot of criticism from a section of the media and fans of local music, forcing Kats to defend himself. He denied Vyper Ranking paying for Fille’s music to play on those TV channels accusing him of being a joke that is being exploited.
“So I have a TV show that runs 2 hours with adverts in between n I go from Naalya then Acacia then Wave. You are a joke being used like a CD. Watch out for yourself coz if u paid for her music then yours would be at the Grammyz,” he responded. 

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