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Vivian Tendo, Yesse Oman Rafiki end beef

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Singer Vivian Tendo known for her hit song “Hajjati wa hajji” and her former manager Yesse Oman Rafiki are back on good terms. 

The two parted ways in 2021 after Vivian took on a self-managed career away from Route Entertainment, a label that paved way for her breakthrough.

During an interview, the “mukati” singer hinted that she and Yesse were now at good terms citing her new song “mobile money”, which was written by Yesse. 

“We are at peace now. Whatever happened is in the past. We are on good terms and he even wrote my new collabo with Chozen Blood,” she said.

In January 2022, Tendo told her fans that she was being threatened by her former manager. She asked her fans to keep a keen eye on her because she didn’t know what would transpire.

“In case anything happens to me, at least you can know who to question. I’ve been threatened so many times and I wouldn’t want you to post my pics with ‘Missing Person’, or ‘RIP’ without knowing why. It’s totally out of my control now because it literally costs my life so I hope you don’t judge me. I’m only trying to protect myself or my life before things get totally worse,” she posted.

However, after a while, their differences seemed to dissolve into space like a fart and here they are.

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