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Visually impaired singer Kitumba enjoys reading books

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

It is ironic that a visually impaired person  would enjoy reading books. One would ask how such a person reads the books. Well, meet singer Eric Kitumba.

Talking to The Kampala Sun at its offices in Industrial Area, he revealed that he likes reading story books because it is from these that he gets music ideas.

“I also like reading books because I get so much information from them. I am actually on social media too and I run my handles. I can do all these with the help of some software and gadgets,” Kitumba says.

The singer also opened up on people overlooking him. He says it hurts him sometimes when people make vile comments about him.

“But when I do the things I do, in the long run, they end up believing in me. What hurts me is that at times, when I am in a taxi, people tell me to go to bed and sleep, forgetting that I also have a future and I am working for it,” Kitumba says.

He is wary of relationships.

“I have someone, but I don’t know if she truly loves me. When a lady comes, she comes because I am an artiste, not because I am me. So I am left in suspense. I cannot know if she is interested in me or just my voice,” Kitumba reveals.

The singer survives on music. He writes, sings, and trains vocalists. From these, he gets money to pay rent, feed and cloth himself. He has outed songs like Love Yokumizigo, Mukyaala, Mugwe, and Kyabeyi.  He calls upon Ugandans to support him.

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