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Vinka’s husband trolled over poor 50 Cent looks

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By Ahmad Muto

In 2020, Vinka became fodder for trolls following comparisons of her voice and physical appearance to that of men. She decided to own her voice and physical appearance and turned them to her advantage. When was the last time you heard anybody calling her a man? Well, she won!

However, now her husband, Nelly Witta, is about to get a new identity after just one selfie with his singing wife.

So, the One bite singer and her aspiring politician husband took a selfie that he shared on his Twitter page along with the caption about the new month of November and all his expectations.

One of them is songs and we all know he does not sing, but well, the wife does.

“New month, New Hope, New Blessings, New Life, New Fulfilment, New Health, New Goals, New joy, New Songs, and New Challenges. In the New month, you shall conquer every challenge that crosses your path and achieve your desired goal. Happy New Month,” Nelly Witta wrote.

Witta, who contested for the Isingiro West parliamentary seat and lost, has since carved a career out of posting his singing wife’s photos on social media and singing her praises.

In the last photo of them together, that selfie shared only on his page, the camera betrayed him, making him look like a poor man’s version of US rapper 50 Cent, more like 20 Cent or 50 Cent Lite and social media chose to take a dig at him, and also the fact that Vinka didn’t quote the tweet on her page or even post the selfie.

This comes shortly after he shared a photo of the singer with their daughter taking a jab at those claiming she bleaches.

“If you ever thought she bleaches, please look at the mini her.”

After keeping her relationship private for a while, Vinka revealed Witta’s face on social media a year after the birth of their daughter, putting to rest that confusion singer John Blaq had created on his socials after the baby’s birth.

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