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Vinka on why she turned down Allan Toniks collaboration

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Swangz Avenue singer Vinka has enjoyed a successful career trajectory since being unveiled by the music label.

For one who started out as Irene Ntale’s manager before she (Ntale) left, Vinka is basking in the knowledge that she has silenced many of her earlier critics, notably fellow singer Allan Ampaire (Toniks).

In an online interview with media personality Ruth Kalibala Bwanika, Vinka painfully recalls how Toniks questioned whether Swangz had run out of their mind in letting Ntale go and then replacing her with a little known Vinka. He then likened the development to shipping out a Chrysler and replacing it with a Vitz.

“I found Toniks’ comments offensive, but concentrated to establish a powerful music empire, and fortunately for me, my endeavors paid off,” Vinka said.

Ironically, she said, owing to her success, Toniks reached out to her for a music collaboration, which she out-rightly rejected.  She, however, maintains that she is open to positive criticism. 

“Why would he want to do a music project with someone he branded a failure in the first place?” asked Vinka, who is currently riding high on the song, Bailando.

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