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Vinka is pretending not to know me, says Victor Ruz

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By Hussein Kiganda

Crooner Victor Wajja, also known as Victor Ruz, has dismissed Vinka’s claim that she is unfamiliar with him and has never heard his music.

As an established songwriter, Ruz recently commented on Vinka’s new song Bailando, describing it as an average composition, which is lacking in lyrics.

When asked about Ruz’s review of her song, the Swangz Avenue singer stated that she was not familiar with him and had never heard his music.

In response, Ruz opined that Vinka was merely pretending not to know him to avoid further questions from the interviewer.

“Of course, she knows me, but she had to respond like that to avoid further questions about the topic,” Ruz told The Kampala Sun.

He also indicated that he intends to inquire whether Vinka was serious about not knowing him once they meet.

“I will ask her about that, I am sure we shall link up this year somewhere somehow,” Ruz stated.

Nonetheless, Ruz acknowledged that it is not a crime for Vinka or anyone else to be unfamiliar with him, as not everyone in the world must know him.

“This is not an issue. Many good things surround us that we are not even aware of; should we blame ourselves or them?” he wondered.

Victor Ruz burst onto the scene with songs such as Kikomando, Love Legend, Kako and Ndeese Love.

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