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Video: Road to Kirya show lives up to hype

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By Dickson Ndugwa

Maurice Kirya is categorized among the limited-edition artistes in Uganda.  You will not catch him performing at every nook in town. 

However, when he does, the turn up is a given and you have fans innocuously lapping onto his every word.  Kirya performed at design hub Bugolobi on Friday in what was dubbed the Road to Kirya show. 

In attendance were fans, media, fellow artistes and people from other walks of life who were united by the anxiety before he got to perform.   True to form, he has a medley of songs.  

Maurice Kirya is circled by his fans before his performance at Design Hub Bugolobi (Photo: Dickson Ndugwa)

However, unlike before when fans hummed the lyrics to his songs like ‘If My Lungs Don’t’, ‘Dreams Are Free’, ‘Misubaawa’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Angel Carried’ they will need time to come to grips with the lyrics of his new album which boasts 12 songs. 

Maurice Kirya only released the album in April 2022. It was recorded both in Uganda and Netherlands. According to Kirya, he is set to traverse countries like Rwanda, Germany, Netherlands performing.  If it goes according to script, he will hold a concert at the Kampala Serena hotel.

“The Covid 19 lockdown gave me a chance to concentrate and come up with this album,” he said.  It has songs as Omwooyo, Entebbe, Akasolo among others

Maurice Kirya was impressed by the turn up at his Listener’s party (Photo: Dickson Ndugwa)

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