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VIDEO: It wasn’t me! Olaxess’ Nigerian lookalike records video to prove he’s alive

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By Ahmad Muto

The tragic events that have happened in Uganda the last couple of days have only produced a single set of winners – Nigerians. First, viral skits around the unfortunate killing of labour minister Charles Engola on Tuesday, May 2, 2023 in Kyanja, a city suburb, saw Nigerians create all skits around the subject, especially around how bosses and servants relate.

Before they could exhaust all their wit, city vlogger Ibrahim Tusuubira alias Isma Olaxess alias Jajja Iculi got shot and killed, also in Kyanja on Saturday, May 6. And Nigerians were at it again.

Claiming to be overwhelmed by condolence messages directed towards him, Olaxess’ doppelganger, a Nigerian fashion stylist and internet sensation popularly known as Nebs Jay, has taken to TikTok to disprove rumours that he is dead.

But even before you listen to him, Nebs has Olaxess’ signature grey beard, triangular face shape, similar choice of clothes, shoes, spectacles, posture, speech mannerisms and physique. Just one thing gives him away – the accent, typical pidgin.  

In the one-minute video, Nebs, real name Jude Ifeanyi Nebamor, claims people have mistaken him for the late Ugandan vlogger and has been receiving calls and texts in that regard.

“Good morning guys, it’s about 11:14am today, Monday May, 8 2023. Just to clarify on the rumour going around, I am very much alive. I am here and healthy, right? Nothing went wrong. I think it is misinformation. People mistaking me for someone in Uganda. So just to clarify; a few people have called my number and sent me messages to make sure everything is fine. Thank you so much, guys. I felt it was very important I clarified this. I am very much alive,” he said.  

Nebs Jay was for years associated with popular Nigerian actor Richard Mofe Damijo with claims that they were brothers. The pair met in 2022 at the birthday of the former’s daughter. Nebs is popular among ladies for his internet shenanigans, especially his dance videos.

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