Friday, September 29, 2023
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Victoria University gets new guild president

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Victoria University yesterday unveiled Michelle Kirabo as the new guild president  following virtual elections.

The bachelor of journalism and media studies student garnered 461 votes against Abdul Basit Kasimagwa, who polled 155 votes. Kirabo succeeds Mark Serebe, who took power more than a year ago.

Addressing the students, Kirabo promised to be more practical than theoretical and to work hand-in-hand with everyone at the campus.

“Thanks to all of you who turned for voting. You believed and trusted me. During the campaigns, I did too much talking, but now that I have won, I will do less talking and more action. I have one year in office, but with a lot of things to do and I am ready to work on them,” she promised.

The elections were conducted using an online platform called VClass (Virtual Campus), where students log into the portal to access the voting materials. However, to be a voter, one must have been a registered student.

Victoria University joins a list of several universities which embraced online voting following the closure of schools in 2020.


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