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Victor Ruz explains decision to wear school uniform

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By Hussein Kiganda

Singer Victor Ruz(real name Victor Wajja) has opened up on why his pictures, putting on a school uniform have spread all over social media with a slogan, “wear a uniform”. 

The singer told The Kampala Sun that he put on the uniform while visiting a certain school and this has since been related to his trending song dubbed “webale” in which he curses his ex-girlfriend for having broken his heart.

Victor Ruz is trending on social media by dressing in school uniform. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

“It was related to the song I sang about heartbreaks. Some of my fans on Twitter called the song a school anthem for the brokenhearted. Once you fall in love, they call you a newcomer so you do not need the uniform but when you are heartbroken, you need to listen to go to the school of love and learn what love is. At school, you need a uniform and a school anthem to learn more. So when I put on that uniform, they ran faster to relate it with the situation,” he said.

Victor’s music in recent days has been largely about heartbreaks and it has raised speculations that he was singing about Vivian Tendo or Desire Luzinda’s daughter Michelle Kaddu. In 2021, the artist was linked to Kaddu after he broke up with Vivian Tendo. These constant heartbreaks could be the reason for these songs.

The singer is still tight-lipped about who broke his heart. He told The Kampala Sun that those are just songs that he sang to carry the voice of many heartbroken souls out there.

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