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Veteran actor Raymond Rushabiro lectures young filmmakers on discipline

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By Hussein Kiganda

Renowned veteran actor Raymond Rushabiro has offered valuable advice to young filmmakers aspiring to thrive in the Ugandan film industry.

Speaking during a Twitter space event organized by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) under the theme “Taking Ugandan Film To The Next Level-What Are The Missing Pieces?”, the accomplished film and stage actor emphasized the importance of discipline and respect for industry veterans in order to establish a lasting presence.

Rushabiro emphasized that filmmaking is a profession and thus requires utmost discipline. He encouraged emerging talents to recognize the significance of their work and approach it with professionalism.

“You need to appreciate that what you are doing is a profession and therefore you have to be disciplined,” Rushabiro advised.

In addition, he highlighted the crucial role of teamwork in achieving success and urged filmmakers to collaborate effectively. Furthermore, Rushabiro urged them to conduct thorough research on their chosen topics and exercise patience throughout their endeavors.

“To ensure harmonious outcomes, teamwork is essential, alongside conducting comprehensive research on your subject matter. It is crucial to exercise patience and avoid rushing into things. Seek guidance from experts and strive to deliver exceptional work,” he advised.

Expressing his disappointment, Rushabiro criticized Ugandan TV stations for favoring foreign content over local films, which hinders the growth of the domestic film industry. He implored these stations to showcase Ugandan movies, as he firmly believes that they have improved significantly in terms of quality.

“Rather than prioritizing foreign movies, local media houses should focus on promoting our homegrown content. We have a wealth of outstanding local films that deserve recognition,” he asserted.

Rushabiro, who recently received a nomination for Best Actor in a TV Drama/Series at the Uganda Film Festival (UFF) for his exceptional performance in Prestige, has an impressive filmography, having appeared in numerous movies including Nalwawo, Crystal, Stain, November Tear, and many more.

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