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Vanessa Nakate collapses in tears at Climate summit

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By Ahmad Muto
Ugandan youth climate activist Vanessa Nakate stunned the media and audience at the three day Youth4Climate summit in Milan, Italy on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. She got to the podium and accused world leaders of failing to honour funding pledges they made last year to help poor nations.
She also expressed doubt at the gathering, its organisers and intentions. Nakate, 24, said the $117b a year pledge to help vulnerable countries deal with effects of climate change ended the day they were made, never to be honoured, even when wildfires are ravaging parts of the world.
Before bursting into tears that attracted fellow activist Greta Thunberg to join and comfort her, she noted that climate change is affecting Africa yet it has the lowest carbondioxide emissions after the Antarctica.
According to her, last week she saw the Police carrying away a body of someone who had died after they got washed away by heavy storms in Kampala.
According to Thunberg, all world leaders do is talk and talk, but no action is taken, drowning the youth’s hopes and dreams.

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