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Valentine’s Day blues: Actress posts different man, shocks netizens

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By Hussein Kiganda

Actress, screenwriter, and novelist Josephine Kabahuma is one of those Ugandans whose social media posts have raised dust on the internet since Valentine’s Day.

Before Valentine’s Day, the actress used to flaunt her boyfriend, Samuel Saviour Kizito, an award-winning director, and the founder of the Uganda Oscars Committee.

The two have had successful projects at Kyoto Media Group, a filmmaking company.

At the premiere of Mania, a movie directed by Kizito, and in which the actress acted, the mother of the director appreciated her for having taken care of her son, and the two heaped praises on each other in their speeches.

Well, there could be fire on the mountain. On Valentine’s Day, Kabahuma posted a picture in which she was posing with another man, and with a heavy belly. She captioned the pictures with sweet nothings.

Kabahuma and Samuel Saviour Kizito

“Love can happen anywhere and anytime. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. Till death do us apart,” she wrote.

The post has not left internet users the same. She was asked by most about what was going on. 

The Kampala Sun talked to Kabahuma about her post and what happened between her and Samuel Saviour. She confirmed that the two are no longer together as lovers, but as friends.

“We are not together anymore and I don’t think I owe anyone any explanation. Why would you ask me? These are between us, so I do not want people to dip their fingers in there. But we are still friends, we can talk to one another as friends,” Kabahuma said.

Attempts to reach Samuel Saviour failed.

Could this be a stunt? Watch the space.

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