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USPA’s Patrick Kanyomozi pokes fun at Lydia Jazmine

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Lydia Jazmine took her fashion consciousness too far with her latest experiment that failed to live up to the positive attention she is accustomed to. 
She sought to gather ideas for her next song title from social media, attracting attention from her fans, but most importantly from the Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) president, Patrick Kanyomozi who is also the president of Ugandans On Twitter (UoT). Jazmine shared a photo of her dressed in what looked like a mosquito net with the caption: “What should be the title of my next song.”

Kanyomozi quoted the tweet and said: “Sleep under the net.”
Surprisingly, across all the singer’s social media pages, people saw a mosquito net and totally ignored her question. 
Well, Kanyomozi is known for poking public figures on Twitter for a reaction so his huge following can join in and ‘drag’ the person if s/he dares to clap back. But Jazmine did not respond to the jab. 
The last person to respond to his jabs months ago was media personality, Samsom Kasumba with whom he had a ‘twar’ that lasted for close to a week. He even dared Kasumba to a debate on one condition, that he lives his accent in Ntinda. 

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