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US-based Ugandan muslim youth organize fete

by Editorial Team
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By Elisha Muloki

The Uganda Muslim Youth living in the United States are slated to organize a mega get together symposium in their bid to foster unity among Muslims based in the States.
This year’s hosts will be the Uganda Muslim Youth of Boston under the theme “Re-invent, & Re-energize”.

This has been an annual event in the United States save for the past COVID-19 pandemic years when gathering became impossible

Some of the Boston based Ugandans during Juma prayers. Courtesy photo

The event was started to foster unity among Ugandans amidst their Political, social and economic differences emanating from back home.

Many Ugandan Muslims live in several States within America but it has always been a challenge bringing them together. The Uganda American Muslim Association (UAMA) is the umbrella body/ organization that has tried to foster unity among Ugandan Muslims in the last 10-12 years.

The Uganda American Muslim Association has done some charity work back home. Photo by Elisha Muloki

Just like the local Ugandan factions that has split Muslims at Old Kampala base with that of Kibuli over the years, a group of about 5 self-seeking Ugandans recently started another splitter group in the United States.

This will likely continue to bring divisions among Muslims amidst the enormous challenges they are faced with. The intentions of this splinter group are largely considered unwanted and only fronts personal interests over those of community.
Take for example, Its only Ugandan Muslims living in the United States of America that don’t have a central Prayer Center as they keeping hoping from Hotels, bars, Universities yet other Religions have many.

Ugandan Roman Catholics have about 3 churches in Boston alone, seventh day Adventists have 2 churches, Pentecostals have countless churches spread throughout the United States, only Muslims lack a central Prayer Place.
This year’s event, symposium or conference therefore is timely in trying reduce self-seeking tendencies amongst Muslims in the States and foster Unity.
Uganda American Muslim Association is headed by brother Imam Bukenya and its General secretary is Zena Mbega.
The organizers of the event have invited Ugandan based Muslim clerics like Imam Ahmed Kyeyune, Shiekh Bruhan Kiti among others.
The Muslim Youth of Boston usually engage in many activities intended to bring them together and this years symposium is just one of the many activities that they have been organizing including Iddi day celebrations that was attended by the Mayor of Waltham, Mayor McCarthy and the head of Waltham Police Department who encouraged Ugandans to work together and those that would wish to join the Police of Waltham to work closely with him and be helped join.

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