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Upcoming music star Nono rides on “Tambula Nange” song

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By Hussein Kiganda

Uganda’s fast-rising sensation, Nono, is poised to captivate Kampala with her latest love ballad, “Tambula Nange,” which she released just days ago.

The song, written by Zulanda and produced by Eli Arkhis, seamlessly blends Afropop and contemporary guitar sounds, creating a soft melody with a subdued tone and pitch.

Despite comparisons of her voice to the trending duo Kataleya and Kandle, Nono vehemently refutes claims that she is emulating their singing style. She asserts that any resemblance is purely coincidental, as her sound is a product of her own artistic craftsmanship.

“I don’t believe I sound like them. My music is distinctive, and it stands on its own merits. It’s the result of my unique voice and hard work. When people say I sound like them and insinuate that I’m copying them, I find it hard to comprehend,” she remarked in an interview

Nono is optimistic that her earlier track, “Singa,” combined with “Tambula Nange,” will take Uganda by storm. Despite facing opposition from various stakeholders in the industry, she draws motivation from the negative energy directed her way.

She revealed that some individuals have attempted to keep her out of the limelight, but she takes pride in having navigated her way through these challenges.

“The industry has its challenges, and many people, especially those around you, often seek to undermine your success when it surpasses their expectations. But I am a resilient woman, and I have managed to persevere,” she affirmed.

When questioned about the presence of a male figure propelling her success in the industry, Nono reacted strongly, expressing frustration with the prevailing public perception that women need male support to thrive.

“Why do people always assume that successful women must have men supporting them financially?” she retorted, adding, “Many women have achieved greatness in their careers without the assistance of men. It’s time to stop assuming that a woman’s success hinges on male support.”

No carried hope that one day, she will be one of the biggest and greatest female singers in the world. She is inspired by Rihanna, Beyounce and other female singers that have made it to the top globally.

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