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Unlike Kenzo, I have no problem advertising beer – Fik Fameica

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By Ahmad Muto
After turning down an endorsement deal with a European beer brand worth over sh1billion, singer Eddy Kenzo put Muslim local artistes on the spot.
Rapper Fik Fameica, a Muslim, real name Shafik Walukaga has defended himself arguing that when he chose to become an artiste, he was well aware that it didn’t mix with alcohol, a fact that goes against the teachings of Islam. However, he argued that religion is in the heart.
He also added that he has on many occasions shared space with different beer brands on billboards and performed at events organised by beer brands. Fameica is currently one of the local entertainers working with Bell Lager, and he appears holding a disposable filled to the brim.
“The day I chose this profession, I knew where it was going. If you have followed me, this isn’t the first time I have been on a Billboard because of beer. I have been performing at shows advertising beer. I have been on shows on where the billboards have beer,” he explained.
“I am aware it isn’t right with my religion. Religion is the heart. It so does not mean I have left my religion. I knew hon I started but it does not mean I have no religion left in m,” he added. 

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