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Uganda’s most confrontational talk show moments

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

Those who are weaned on Jerry Springer’s shows certainly know this script. 

A discussion starts gently and gradually and gradually grows more confrontational live on TV. Before you come to grips with what is happening, fists are clenched, noise decibels are raised and boom! Fully fledged fist fights.

The NBS frontline, a widely watched local political talk show served a similar buffet only that the show producers pulled the plug just when we anticipated a well-calculated jab from government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo to land squarely on Kampala Lord Mayor’s jaw.

The show on Thursday night ended prematurely after panelist Ofwono Opondo leapt from his seat and went bare knuckles on Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago live on air.

During a heated debate, Lukwago reminded the Executive Director of Uganda Media Center that he has ever shot and killed a person 18 years ago at Kampala Parents.

This allegation, many debaters use as leverage to neutralize the belligerent government publicist whenever they appear with him on a show.

This time round, viewers of NBS were served with action packed- like movie when the political show got heated up,

“I can throw you out of this show. Yes, I can throw you out,” Opondo charged.

The moderator of the show Charles Mwanguhya Mpagi looked on perplexed before the producers ended the show.

Lukwago has since run to social media to express his discontent.

“Short of words to explain what has happened to me at the NBS TV Frontline. Horrible, despicable! Fellow Ugandans, it’s Horrible. My only prayer is that I get out of this place safely!” he posted on his social media handles.

Former FDC president, Dr. Kizza Besigye took it a notch higher. “Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has been badly assaulted by Ofwono Opondo, the NRM Junta Spokesperson, during a live NBS Tv FRONTLINE program.

He is still holed up at the NBS media house offices, while Opondo continues to threaten further attack on him!

It’s sad that the media house can’t secure their guests. They’ll be held responsible for all the trauma and damage suffered by the Lord Mayor of our Capital City.

Kasaija storms out of studio  

This is one of the many instances. Finance Minister Matia Kasaija walked out of an NBS TV interview as they debated the National Population census. With moderator Njala firing a barrage of questions, he walked out claiming he would not argue with an ignorant person. 

Kato slaps Bajjo

During his time in parliament, Rubaga South MP Kato Lubwama slapped Andrew Mukasa live on TV for saying that legislator was not debating on pertinent issues because he did not know English

It all started with Bajjo saying that Kato does not deliberate on issues because he does not know English, this certainly did not go down well with the comedian cum politician;

“When we are talking about artists, let’s keep to that because he does not know what transpires in Parliament, so it is very wrong for him to try and advise me on what happens there,” Kato noted.

When Kato Lubwama and Bajjo squared off. Source. Spark TV

Bajjo shot back: “Yesterday, we were in parliament, but there’s nothing he can do because the people who were deliberating on issues were doing so in English, unlike Kato who can’t speak the language

As Kato tried to explain himself, Bajjo kept on interrupting the Rubaga South Member of Parliament who out of frustration just slapped the events promoter. The show ended abruptly.

Pastor Sempa, Full figure square off

Musician-turned-Presidential Advisor Jennifer ‘Full Figure’ Nakaguubi and Pastor Martin Ssempa almost traded punches live on air during a heated TV debate.

The two faced off during the Full Blast Extra show which airs on Bukedde 2 TV after failing to agree while about discussing Makerere University.

Full-Figure claimed that all sorts of dirty deeds start from the university but before she could even complete her statement, Pastor Ssempa quickly chipped in, asking her to stop talking ill about Makerere.

Scary drama ensued when Pastor Ssempa began to pray for Full Figure whilst commanding demons to get out of her.

Pastor Ssempa’s prayer seems to have angered the motormouth forcing her to confront him in a fiery manner. They were separated.

This forced the host of the show to cut it short. UCC has since banned the show.

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