Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Ugandans take President’s advice, drink up a storm at home

by Editorial Team
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By Julius Senyimba
At the start of the national lockdown, locals violated Covid19 restrictions at will as they hid in drinking places till morning. 
With a number of operations by authorities and arrests being made, people resorted to drinking from home, but with time, they had gone back to their favourite happening places. 
Disguising as restaurants, bars have been operational, but as you read this, after the most recent presidential address, a crackdown has forced back revellers to home drinking. 
Home drinking is on the raise again with brewery companies bridging the gap between them and consumers in a scientific move through an internet Application. 

Last year during the lockdown numerous brands came up with digital innovations to stay connected to their customers. And in this breath NBL established the beernow.
A platform where customers would log into the platform, place their orders and have their favourite brands dropped to their doorstep is up and running with an immense traffic. 
“With the easing up of the lock down and customers able to access their nearby buying points, the platform significance reduced. However, the latest 42-day lock down has resurrected the platforms relevance now, more than ever. Hence leading to the rival of the beernow platform.”
A statement read from Nile Breweries adding that, transport is free when you buy a crate, but the minimum order one can place are 10 bottles and in this scenario,  the customer has to pay 3-5k transport depending on their location.

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