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Ugandan singer Laika, Harmonize ink matching tattoos

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By Mariam Nakalema

Nothing says “true love” and “commitment” quite like getting matching tattoos with your significant other.

Even if the relationship doesn’t last forever, one can bet that the permanent ink will withstand the test of time.

Well, just a week after vehemently denying she was romantically involved with Tanzanian singer Harmonize, the Ugandan-Rwandan singer Laika Umuhoza has confirmed her relationship with the Tanzanian singer by inching matching tattoos.

At the beginning of this month, Laika flew to Tanzania to meet Harmonize for music business. However, their intentions changed and instead decided to spend quality together.

Laika and Harmonize have inked matching tattoos. Internet Picture

In a video shared on social media, Harmonize clad in beach shorts, squeezed juice out of Laika who was in donning a light long slit black dress.

After parting ways with Frida Kajara Masanja, Harmonize seemed to have failed to find a replacement but when Laika, who is on a music sojourn looking for collaborations, crossed his path, Harmonize is smitten. 

Two quality weeks together, the pair became an item and inked matching tattoos on their necks.  Ironically, it is Laika who is acting like the lucky one. She took to her socials to post a photo of their matching tattoos.

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