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Ugandan musicians stopped singing long time ago -Omondi

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By Kampala Sun writer

Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has lambasted musicians hailing from East Africa for not putting in a shift yet their peers in West Africa are filling stadiums like the 02 in London.

He is so critical of Ugandan musicians, he says they have ‘stopped trying’.

Through an IG post, Omondi noted how; Kenyan musicians are dead, Tanzanian’s are losing it to Amapiano, and Ugandans are no longer doing good music.

“Kenyan musicians are dead ASLEEP. Tanzanians are losing it to AMAPIANO. Ugandans stopped singing, they don’t even try anymore,” read captions on his post.

For several months, Omondi has been vocal about how unfair it is to have foreign artistes steal the show from the local artistes in Kenya.

He was recently  arrested for attempting to storm the Kenyan parliament premises to protest in November.

Omondi demanded parliamentarians to compel Kenyan media to play 75% Kenyan content, a drive he has been spearheading for months. He reveals that the only  East African musician he acknowledges is  Diamond Platnumz


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