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Ugandan movies that made a mark in 2022

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By Hussein Kiganda

The Ugandan film industry has greatly evolved from simply “Bina Uganda” with low budgets and poor production to high budgets(according to Ugandan standards) with quality production. 

In 2022, a number of movies managed to rock the country and represented us at internal festivals and global film market spaces. Hussein Kiganda brings you a list of Ugandan movies that made a mark in 2022.


Morris Mugisha’s “Tembele” is undoubtedly the biggest film of the year. Having received over ten nominations and won three top awards at Uganda’s biggest film awards, Uganda Film Festival(UFF 2022), the movie also represented the country at Africa’s biggest film awards-Africa Movie Academy Awards(AMAAs 2022). It received ten nominations and won one(Best Achievement In Cinematography).

Tembele also represented Uganda at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or simply the Oscars. It became the first Ugandan movie to be submitted to the academy and managed to be listed among the six African movies that were eligible to compete in the category of Best International Feature Film. Despite not getting onto the shortlist, it opened the door for Ugandan movies at the Oscars.

The Wave

Winning the “Viewers Choice Awards” at any tight festival is not to be taken lightly, The wave by Kevin Johns Nabukenya rose to it at the Uganda Film Festival 2022. It went ahead and received two nominations at the Africa Movie Academy Awards despite not winning any. Such a mark at a continental level cannot be taken lightly.

The movie also received three recognitions and won one award at Vision Group’s New Vision Film Awards 2022.

The Girl in a Yellow Jumper


When Loukman Ali’s movie got on Netflix in December 2021, it became the biggest talk of 2022. It even opened debate on whether more Ugandan movies would cut through. 

The movie also received more than five nominations at the UFF 2022 and won three awards. It also received two recognitions at the New Vision Film Awards 2022.

No Way Out

This is a Ugandan animation film by Asbiraf Mulima. It won Best Animation at the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2022 and beat countries such as Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Iceland, and the United States. The movie also won other awards in the Middle East and the United States.


Nana Kagga (centre) posing with guests during the screening of her movie, Nalwawo

Directed by Emokor Patrick and written by Nana Kagga, Nalwawo is another breathtaking movie that left a mark. It received several nominations at the UFF and won three major wards.

Its four-day screening at the National Theatre at the Uganda Cinema Night in October left many revelers yearning for more. Some Ugandans that never believed in Ugandan films left nodding, in confirmation that indeed the industry was heading in the right direction. For all this, it makes its way onto this list.


Kafa Coh premiere at Acacia Mall on October 8,2022. Courtesy photo

It was the most anticipated movie in 2022. Premiered in pomp, the movie gathered several moviegoers for seven consecutive days at the Cinemax Century, Acacia, in October. It was one in many movie premieres where attendees filled up the cinema hall and others stood on the stairs to watch it.

Its cast was made-up of the best Ugandan actors including one Nigerian star and received an 8/10 rating from most of those that watched it. 

Produced by Doreen Mirembe and directed by Gilbert K. Lukalia, the movie represented Uganda at the Mashariki Film Festival in Rwanda and brought the Signis Best Feature Film Award at home.

Bedrooom Chains

Every woman around the world with a feminist mindset would give this movie a thumbs up. It was one of a kind, fighting for the rights of women and highlighting the challenges that women face in Uganda.

Directed and written by Hassan Mageye, “Bedroom Chains” received 12 nominations(the highest) at the 9th Uganda Film Festival and won two awards.

The movie also won three big awards at the 7th edition of the Lake International Pan African Film Festival(LIPFF 2022).

Foot Wine

Maynard Mulindwa’s  “Foot Wine” won him, Best Director, at the Uganda Film Festival 2022. His movie received 11 nominations and scooped two awards. The movie was hailed by many for having brought back into the picture, Uganda’s long-forgotten drink(mwenge bigere).

Beneath Beauty and Mania

The two movies directed by Andrew Tumanyane and Samuel Saviour Kizito respectively attracted non-moviegoers to the film industry. They hyped their movies to the maximum. The movies became the talk of the town. Very few filmmakers in Uganda have attracted media as these have. 

I can boldly say that they have introduced showbiz into the film world. They made their movie premieres seem foreign and shut down the venues at which the premieres were held.


This movie by Kevin Johns Nabukenya took the top spot at the New Vision Film Awards 2022. The movie also held a pompous movie premiere in February 2022 and hit the full-house mark.

Other movies that rose to the highest bars in 2022 were; Tinka’s Story, My Husband’s Wife, Atonement, Enkuba, Dance Fest Ug, Catch Out, Kapapula, Love For Inheritance, Bizibu, and several more

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