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Ugandan duo the Ganda boys venture into coffee

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda
UK-based Ugandan singers the Ganda Boys formerly known as Da Twins have decided to start exporting coffee from Uganda to the United Kingdom in a bid to promote Ugandan products.
In an interview, the duo(Denis Mugagga and Daniel Sewagudde) revealed that they had signed a contract of supply with the British Council, to export coffee from Uganda to the United Kingdom, and are expected to supply 3500 kilograms every month.
“It’s the new trend that we are trying to sell to Ugandans that you can use music and talent to do trade and other things. Through our foundation (Ganda Foundation Coffee), we are supposed to supply 3.5 tonnes every month to the UK. We signed a contract with the British Council, to have the permission to do so and therefore request for support from Ugandans…,” they said.
The group is in the country to partner with several coffee producers so that they can be able to raise the required amount of coffee.
They are also planning to have a concert in Uganda, in December 2022 and this will be majorly to promote trade between Uganda and the United Kingdom.
They decided to make a band in 2008 through an exciting collaboration on a highly acclaimed 2009 BBC-TV drama series. As Da Twins, they released songs like; kitundu, midomo, zindola, ndeku, and many more. As Ganda Boys, they released tyenda, bakisimba, kagutema lumonde, njabala, sente, the forgotten city, and many more.

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