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Ugandan comedians should go back to school, Kalela

by Editorial Team
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By Mariam Nakalema

 Comedians are people who entertain their audience with jokes and humorous stories.

While comedians might not need formal training to pursue their career, comedian and TV personality Daniel Kalela thinks that going forward, a Bachelor’s degree or diploma will come in handy if local comedians are to benefit from their craft.

Kalela after the graduation ceremony at UMCAT school. Photo Mariam Nakalema

“I think it is time to hype our job and give it value. Getting an education is an added advantage to our craft. I am now a professional journalist and a comedian. I can blend both and benefit from my craft,” he said.

In typical self-deprecating fashion, Kalela, a graduate from UMCAT school of journalism joked that after attaining the papers, he was, like many other educated people eligible to be considered for the vacant Bank of Uganda Governor slot.

“God did it. Congratulations to me. Incoming Governor Bank of Uganda,” he posted on his socials.

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