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Uganda ‘sold’ to United Arab Emirates

by Editorial Team
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By Titus Kakembo

The tourism industry is working round the clock to package itineraries that will attract wealthy Arabs to the destination of Uganda. This comes on the heels of President Museveni inviting them during the Dubai Expo in October last year.

Last week the desert was aflame with banners screaming Explore “Uganda” followed by the menu of attractions waiting to feast eyes, ears and palates in the Pearl of Africa.

“For starters, we will take them to the Old Kampala to see the biggest Mosque in Africa,” revealed the president of Uganda Tour Guides Association J Mwere. “In rapid succession will be the history of Islam coming to Uganda until Idi Amin Dada declared the country an Islamic state in the 1970s.”

Mwere said the children of Idi Amin Dada are there and ready to narrate a different story of their father.

“An exhibition of his times attracted an exodus of viewers recently,” said Mwere. “The Conqueror of the British Empire was seen riding a bicycle from State House to Kampala when there was a fuel shortage. And better still when toppled he took refuge in UAE where he was buried.”

But the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Tom Butime marketed Uganda as a supermarket of leisure and pleasure.

Uganda is being marketed to the Arab World as a tourism destination (Photo: Titus Kakembo)

Uganda is extremely excited to launch its revitalized brand and travel offering to the world,” added Butime. “We are excited to do to have UAE and surrounding the Gulf States on our guest list. The menu back home is summer throughout the year.”

“Uganda is assured of being positioned as a top holiday destination for travellers from the UAE through the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) who are looking for meaningful and unique once in a lifetime experiences,” summed up Butime.

Beaming with an ear to ear smile, the CEO of UTB Lilly Ajarova explained that the new brand seeks to re-emphasize Uganda’s rare and precious range of tourism attractions.

“We showcased the menu of primates, mammals, birds, culture, faith and forests,” narrated Ajarova. “Inquiries are already coming by the minute about hotels, national parks and more.”

The Arabs were impressed by Uganda’s capability to sustain nature in this era of the world being challenged by climate change.

Once they touch down at Entebbe Airport, the Arabs have assured a warm welcome and happy stay as they feast their eyes on mammals, reptiles and geographical features they see on television and in magazines.


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