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Uganda, Kenya strengthen ties through film

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By Hussein Kiganda

Ugandan movie director Samuel Wabwire also known as Sammy Ting together with Kenyan producers Isaac Ebu and Joseph Williams premiered their cross-border collaboration film “The Fall Of King Odongo” on October 1, 2022, in Busia Kenya, at Samia Resort.

The movie’s premiere was officially sponsored by Ugandan filmmaker Paul Ssebata, the director of King Paul Media(KPM Entertainment) in Jinja City. Ssebata also represented the Piton International Film Festival(PIFF), which is based in the US.

“The Fall of King Odongo” is a fight for succession after the death of king “Odongo”. The movie features Isaac Ebu, Agneta Lesly, Bridget Nabwire, Evans Adala, Chrispinus Egesa, Roselida Akinyi, and several more. The movie was produced by the Kenyan film production company Kombo Skits Production.

During the premiere, Paul Ssebata urged the two countries to embark on collaborations to uplift the African film industry, talent, and craft.

“KPM Entertainment and PIFF Africa would like to congratulate Kombo Skits production upon this milestone. This film reminds me that we must tell our own stories before anyone else tells them and we must protect our own. Today we are extending our collaboration to Kenya and connecting Kombo Skits production to the PIFF Africa family,” he said.

He also promised to monetize the film put putting it on the KPM Entertainment stream platform UCCN TV.


The throne in the Abadongo clan in the Luhya Kingdom is at stake after the death of their king, Odongo(Chrispinus Egesa) who went to war and got defeated in a fight called ‘Olulwani lwe sikumba’. 

Revellers pose for photos during the launch in Busia. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

His son, Obara(Isaac Ebu), who is the rightful heir is still young and cannot become king. The elders decide to guard the throne until he comes of age.

King Odongo’s brother, Obote, eyes the kingship, so, he convinces the elders to ordain him. He promises them positions in the cabinet and turns the royal army against Obara and his mother, the Queen. 

With the help of one loyal and faithful elder, the queen and her family flee into exile to another kingdom.  Years later, Obara age’s ripens, so, he goes back to challenge Obote in olulwani lwe sikumba. 

During the fight, one of the army men confesses that Obote was behind Odongo’s death and the twist turns in Obara’s favour. He orders for the capture of Obote and legally takes back his father’s kingdom.

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