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Uganda film festival: The Good, bad and ugly fashion choices

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

The Uganda Film Festival, held on June 2, 2023, at The Uganda Institute of Communication and Technology (IUCT) in Nakawa, showcased an exquisite display of fashion.

Attendees embraced the prescribed dress code of “red carpet glam with a touch of gold” with remarkable elegance, deviating from the typical casual attire often seen at film events.

Filmmakers and service providers alike made a conscious effort to dress impeccably, not wanting to miss the mark. The ambiance was truly reminiscent of a red carpet experience, as attendees showcased a diverse range of styles including Gothic, modest, formal, evening gowns, gomesi, and other brilliant fashion choices.

First daughters: Natasha Karugire ( Black) and Diana Museveni raised the fashion stakes at the festival. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

However, while the majority of participants showcased their impeccable fashion taste, only a few adhered to the touch of gold requirement. Many opted for vibrant colors that outshone the gold accents, resulting in visual confusion rather than a distinct presence of gold. Ideally, the attire would have been composed of subtle hues adorned with tasteful golden accessories.

Best foot forward. Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa, his wife, flanked by UCC ED Irene Kaggwa Ssewankambo, Photo by Ignatius Kamya

Amavis Lewis, a renowned fashion expert from Amavis Fashions, evaluated the overall fashion performance at 40%, taking into account the participants’ limited adherence to the prescribed theme.

Suited penguins: These two were pictured laughing at their dress sense. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

Lewis remarked on the overshadowing of gold by other vibrant colors, preventing it from standing out as intended. He suggested that a more subdued color palette would have allowed the gold accents to truly shine.

“The response towards the theme was at 40% due to some colors that were attached to gold and outshined it, it could not stand on its own. Instead of us seeing gold, we ended up seeing other colors. It would have been dull colors accessorized with gold,” Lewis said.

Ebony and Ivory side by side in perfect harmony. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

In terms of notable fashion highlights, the best-dressed couple was Samuel Saviour Kizito and Josephine Kabahuma, who incorporated regal elements into their attire. The guest of honor, Thomas Tayebwa, donned a stylish two-buttoned suit, while Irene Sewankambo, the Ugandan Communications boss, wowed the attendees with an African-crafted dress embellished with a sweeping cloth that left many in awe.

Brian Mulondo and wife looking resplendent on the red carpet. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

Unfortunately, Jose Chameleone stood out as one of the poorly dressed revelers at the event. His disheveled sweater and mismatched jumper failed to meet the expected standards of style and elegance

Jose Chameleone missed the fashion memo at the Uganda film festival. Photo by Ignatius Kamya
Mariam Ndagire who won the lifetime Achievement Award was resplendent in black. Photo by Ignatius Kamya

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