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Uganda film festival: Confused actress storms stage to pick namesake’s award

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

The 10th edition of the Uganda Film Festival (UFF), held at the Uganda Institute of Communication and Technology in Nakawa on June 2, 2023, proved to be a delightful affair, albeit with a few unexpected twists.

Amongst these was an unfortunate incident involving the renowned actress, Diana Kahunde, who had been nominated for the prestigious Best Actress in a TV Drama Series award alongside Dianah Nabatanzi.

As the announcer read out the winner’s name, a mix-up occurred, leading to a moment of confusion. Diana Kahunde, who misheard the announcement, became overwhelmed with excitement, unaware that it was her competitor, Nabatanzi, who had actually won the award.

Many looked on in astonishment as Diana Kahunde turned up to pick Diana Nabatanzi’s award. Photo by Hussein Kiganda

Without hesitation, Kahunde confidently stepped forward to claim the accolade, while the audience watched in astonishment. It soon became apparent to everyone else that Kahunde had misunderstood the situation, leaving them perplexed as to why she seemed so joyous.

Upon reaching the podium, Kahunde was informed that it was not her name that had been called, but rather Nabatanzi’s. Initially hesitant, Kahunde reluctantly relinquished the award, her disappointment evident. She swiftly departed from the awards tent, clearly disheartened by the unexpected turn of events.

Later, comedian Moses Kiboneka, popularly known as Uncle Mo, took to the stage to collect the award on behalf of the absent Diana Nabatanzi. This gesture aimed to ensure that Nabatanzi’s achievement was acknowledged and celebrated, despite her absence from the event.

However, among the attendees, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, had taken notice of Diana Kahunde’s emotional rollercoaster. In a compassionate gesture, Tayebwa instructed the host, Malaika Nyanzi, to publicly announce that he had presented Kahunde with a reward of 2 million shillings. This act aimed to convey that Kahunde was still considered a winner, even though she had not received the coveted accolade.

Unfortunately, by the time Malaika Nyanzi made the announcement, Diana Kahunde had already left the awards hall, feeling out of place and defeated.

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