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UAP Old Mutual launches Sacco Assurance platform

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer

UAP OLD MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE, a leading player in the insurance industry has earlier today announced the launch of their SACCO Assurance platform.

This innovative distribution platform marks a significant milestone in promoting financial inclusion and providing enhanced member benefits for Saving and Credit Cooperative Organizations (Saccos).

The SACCO Assurance platform, unveiled today at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel Kampala, represents a collaborative effort between UAP OLD MUTUAL and Saccos (along with Microfinance Institutions,) aimed at empowering members with comprehensive insurance solutions that cater to their diverse needs.
According to Patrick Kimathi, Managing Director of UAP OLD MUTUAL Life Assurance, this initiative reinforces UAP OLD MUTUAL’s commitment to delivering added value to customers and advancing financial literacy, while bolstering the financial sustainability of Saccos.
“The SACCO Assurance platform introduces a transformative approach to insurance distribution. It enables Saccos and microfinance institutions to seamlessly extend a range of insurance products to their members, fostering a culture of financial security and empowerment.”
With the theme “My Sacco, My Insurance,” the launch event attracted Sacco leaders, microfinance representatives, and industry stakeholders. The platform’s introduction ushers in a new era of collaboration, unlocking the untapped potential within Saccos and positioning them as crucial players in promoting inclusive financial services.

The UAP Sacco Assurance platform launch at Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

According to Patrick Kimathi, by leveraging UAP OLD MUTUAL’s extensive expertise in the insurance sector, Saccos gain access to tailor-made insurance products that cater to their member base. These products not only provide financial security but also offer additional incentives and benefits, amplifying the value proposition of Saccos in the eyes of their members.
The SACCO Assurance platform facilitates seamless integration, allowing Saccos to seamlessly incorporate insurance solutions into their existing offerings. Members can now access a wide range of insurance products designed to safeguard their financial interests, thereby enhancing their overall financial well-being.
The launch of the SACCO Assurance platform is a testament to UAP OLD MUTUAL’s commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and collaborative growth.

The platform’s potential to revolutionize the insurance landscape and elevate the role of Saccos in financial inclusion is a milestone that both the industry and the broader community eagerly anticipate.

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