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UAP OLD MUTUAL introduces online auction salvage site

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By Kampala Sun writer

Salvage bidding in Uganda has been synonymous with strenuous and time-consuming processes, and at times lack of transparency. UAP OLD MUTUAL has today, launched the Online Salvage Auction Site as a means of making the process of salvage bidding seamless, convenient, and swift. The UAP OLD MUTUAL Auction site helps bidders gain instant access to all products such as car and electronic salvages without having to step out of their homes or places of comfort.

Speaking at the launch of the auction at the UAP OLD MUTUAL Offices at Nakawa Business Park, Stephen Chikovore, the Managing Director stated ‘With over 176 years of experience in the insurance business, UAP Old Mutual has stood the test of time through continuous innovation such as the Online Auction Salvage Solution. As the leading General and Medical Insurance business with the largest market share in Uganda we believe in digital transformation and will continue to innovate to better serve our customers.’

James Maguru, the General Manager explained that as an insurance company salvages are regularly received and are valuable. The Online Auction Salvage Site allows for easier access to salvages and information to the public by making the process convenient and secure. Bidders will have access to a wide range of products like vehicles, motor spare parts, laptops, phones among other electronic items.

Maguru added that the site will allow buyers to view and participate in multiple auctions at a time, as well as take advantage of the convenience that comes with smart filters when selecting their favorite salvage items for bidding.

“Even after the lock down was lifted, the covid19 effects and fears are still at large. It is therefore important to safe guard our staff, as well as the different parties that are normally involved in the physical bidding process. The online auction site manages that very well. As a market leader, it is UAP OldMutual’s mantle to lead by demonstrating to other insurers the value of adapting to the ever changing tides of technology as a means of serving our clients’ better.,” explained Maguru.

Placing a bid is easy. Buyers just need to log onto,  follow prompts to create account and immediately start transacting.



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