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Tycoon Lwasa to launch book

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By Mariam Nakalema

Masaka tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa has hogged more limelight than the average celebrity in Uganda this year.

Every facet of his private life has played out for the gallery. From nudes, love scandals, unrequited love, public spats, Lwasa has done it all.

His social life has been so rife; many tend to forget he is an astute businessman. It is that journey he has detailed in an upcoming book.

The tycoon, in an interview, tells The kampala Sun that he has penned a book titled, The Art of Business.

In the book, Lwasa narrates his journey on how he has managed to own a place among the Bagaga kwagalana, a group that is composed of rich business me in Kampala City.

Lwasa owns businesses like Tavern Kick in Masaka, Lwasa Gardens,he also deals in Gold business. In the book he is going to publish in December Lwasa  explains how he started as a famer and grew to his current networth. He insists there are no shortcuts to suvceee

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