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Tycoon Lwasa gives up on heart throb Angel amid cheating claims

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

At the height of tycoon Lwasa’s whirlwind romance with Angela Kwakunda, his bitter ex. Diana Nabatanzi revealed that the relationship would end in tears.

It never lasted. On Thursday, hawk-eyed observers positively identified someone who eerily looked like Angela Kwakunda cozying up to a mystery guy who had the build of Johnny Bravo, the cartoon character.

When the video leaked on social media, many expected Lwasa, who is on a trip abroad, to deny on behalf of his fiancée. He didn’t.

Instead, he let out a litany of insults, claiming Angela was local and used a rural approach to urban issues.

“She was too local and getting that village from her was not easy. She was seeing money and everything for the first time. She was so uncontrollable because of the excitement,” Lwasa said in an audio

He added that he is grateful that she managed to stay married to him for at least a year.

“But at least she has cooked for a full year, that’s enough, she can now go, I’ll get another one,” He added.

Lwasa married Kwakunda last year days after he was dumped by his long-time lover Diana Nabatanzi.  They had gotten into the habit of wearing matching outfit just to show how besotted they were with each other.

On Christmas Day, 2021 the couple looked really happy at together as Kwakunda threw a party to celebrate Lwasa’s 51st birthday.

“Thank you all who managed to attend my birthday party. My kids, my wife Kwakunda Angel, thanks so much. I officially announce that I am 51 years old but my energy just keeps increasing, oh,” said Lwasa at the party.

The tycoon married his wife as a way of showing Nabatanzi that he still had the potential of getting other women to be with even after she had used and dumped him.

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