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Twitter Africa team loses jobs after only two days of opening

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Since buying Twitter, South African billionaire Elon Musk has been on the rampage, first by firing majority of the company’s employees in Europe and North America, whom he blamed for the company’s daily $4 million loss.

Second, Musk revealed that using the social media platform will cost $8 for anyone with a verified, blue tick.

One of the reasons for acquiring the platform, according to Musk, was not for financial gain, but rather to allow for free speech. 

However, this right has since been abused, causing American television personality Whoopi Goldberg, who also happens to have a blue tik to leave the platform, saying it was so disorganised.

In a further turn of events, four days after the Twitter African Office in Ghana opened, the staff there received a letter of termination.

The letter said, in part, “The company is reorganizing its operations as a consequence of a necessity to decreasing expenses,” although it did not use the employees’ names. 

“We regret to tell you that as a result of this exercise, your employment will be terminated by letter. You will be placed on garden leave up until your termination date, which is December 4th, and your last day of work will be that day.”

Earlier, Musk had hinted that for everyone that was fired, they would get three severances of up to 50%, which, according to reports, the African team has not been given.

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