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Tuesday Music Review: Let Me Love You- Solome Basuuta

by Editorial Team
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Solome is a musician that evolves.

Thing is, she never seemed like one who would evolve, but she’s done so, honing her vocals to a point where they are not relying on sheer power, but have a wonderful subtlety and texture to them. The result? Gems like the sultry ballad, Let Me Love You. The technical execution of this song is done with a cloud-light tough, leaving Solome to seductively deliver the song’s message with a voice that is as light and as smooth as oily smoke.

It is a dazzling bit of music, almost impossible to describe.

The genre?

R & B.

90s R & B, the kind that made you lie in bed at night thanking the heavens you had FM radio.

R & B is a genre that our music industry often struggles with, and when it comes to the R & B ballads, the struggle is even more real –  heck, you Fille once hilariously claimed it is a genre she dabbles in. This is not true, Fille – you are not an R & B singer.

Solome is, and with Let Me Love You, she delivers the soul, subtle vocals and mood that defines the genre, and she delivers it with what can only be referred to as a pearl of a song. The song clocks in at 2.56, and that is my only problem with it – you don’t want it to stop.

She joins a league of furiously talented, and criminally underrated musicians – there is more to her than power vocals, a versatility that is almost impossible to even define. She will sing whatever she puts her heart and mind to.

Reviewed by Dennis Asiimwe

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