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Tourism enthusiast Amos Wekesa equates GNL Zamba to Eddy Kenzo

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Tour operator and entrepreneur Amos Wekesa is courting Lugaflow rapper GNL Zamba and his wife, Tamar, as the next people with what he called connections and, therefore, the ability to elevate local tourism.

According to him, they are like Grammy nominee singer Eddy Kenzo with their network.

Wekesa shared a photo meeting with the couple on his social media with the caption: “Not long ago, I caught up with @therealGnlzamba and his wife about Uganda’s tourism at Latitude hotel. I was amazed about the ideas we shared on how to position Uganda and their connections! It’s like @eddykenzoficial, these guys serious networks out there!”

On his part, the Soda hitmaker said they have discovered the strategy to promote local tourism.

“My brother, together I believe we have discovered the key to unlocking #Uganda’s full tourism potential. Thanks for taking the time to meet with us. We are very optimistic about the future ventures and what it means for our Ugandan people at home and abroad. For God and our Country,” GNL said.

Wekesa also hailed Kenzo for his contribution to tourism across Africa, particularly Ghana, a popular destination for African Americans.

“Many Ugandans don’t know how involved @eddykenzoficial in the year of return to Ghana with lots of African Americans! That created lots of interest in Ghana’s history and tourism,” Wekesa said.

Meanwhile, Kenzo was in 2017 named Kenya’s tourism ambassador by the Kenya Tourism Board for their Magical Kenya tourism drive, much to the chagrin of Kenyans and a section of Ugandans.

He was in 2020 named Uganda’s tourism ambassador by the Uganda Tourism Board. Kenzo pledged to use his network across the globe to unlock Uganda’s tourism potential.

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