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Toniks to headline maiden 2022 Tusker Malt Conversessions

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Tusker Malt Lager’s online music property, Tusker Malt Conversessions, is set to kick-off its 2022 episodes with an edition by RnB crooner, Allan Toniks.

Born Allan Ampaire, Toniks will be the fourth artiste to grace Tusker Malt’s premium musical experience with initial editions headlined by Winnie Nwagi, Naava Grey and GNL Zamba respectively.

A Toniks headlined edition comes as an interesting development for the show’s growing viewership as the crooner seamlessly blends in with the acoustic themes in which the show is rooted.

Toniks is expected to raise the bar as he boasts one of the most illustrious RnB catalogues in Uganda’s music industry.

Toniks’ ballads are anticipated to be interspersed with conversation, questions and answers to the various themes of his life that have often made tabloid fodder.

Allan Toniks is widely celebrated as one of the new-school faces of RnB, both locally and across the borders, previously collaborating with superstars such as Zambia’s Roberto, Radio and Weasel, plus Slick Stuart and Roja.

Toniks’ episode of the Tusker Malt Conversessions will premiere this Sunday, January 2, on Tusker Malt Lager’s official You Tube channel.

The show is an exclusive property of Tusker Malt Lager and is produced by Swangz Avenue.

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