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Toli Mwavu can’t get over Zari

by Editorial Team
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By Emmanuel Ssejjengo

Innocent Tegusulwa, the motivational speaker who made the phrase toli mwavu, mutwe gwo gwemwavu (you are not poor, it’s your mentality that is poor), draws inspiration from socialite Zari Hassan, we can deduce.

As a councillor in Nakawa, he offered his two cents regarding Kampala Capital City Authority’s plans to throw vendors off the streets and bodabodas out of the central business district.


In a TikTok video, Tegusulwa compares Zari to Kampala – something for everyone to enjoy. “Kampala is not a Namakula with a light-skinned face and a dark backside. It is like Zari – with a uniform colour pigment,” he says.

Tegusulwa concludes that no one should be chased out of Kampala because it is for us all.
Zari’s catalogue of men has been well documented over time – a reference to “being for us all.”


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