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Tina Fierce, Desire clash over claims of abandoning presenters

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By Ahmad Muto
Two former Urban TV presenters Christine Kirungi, alias Tina Fierce and Desire Derekford Mugumisa clashed on social media on Thursday, October 7, hours before the three Next Media journalists – Kayz Kawalya, William Makuliro and Brian Wakko were freed from Kitalya Prison.
According to Tina Fierce, the boys were abandoned after entering the prison stating: “It is good. They will learn! Rule number one: be ready to fight your battles individually.”
Desire, who also happens to be the brand and communications manager at Next Media, defended his team, saying that Tina Fierce was misplacing the blame. He added that the case of the three presenters was being handled by their employer.
“Only, it is not the truth with this case that the lads have been abandoned in court or in handling this case, and it is an ongoing process that we are still wholly involved in.”
Well, Tina Fierce hit back: “Desire my brother… we both know this industry intimately.. we have been in these trenches together. I understand it’s your job to speak on it, but between you and I, we know how this cookie truly crumbles on the inside. Glad to hear you have his ‘back.’
This was after a section on social media claimed it was people present in court that solicited money, totalling sh500,000 to see the presenters leave prison.
It should be noted that just this week, Tina Fierce accused the presenters of being the architects of the ‘Stop social media bullying’ campaign against her in 2020, just before her show was suspended by the Uganda Communications Commission.
Also, while at Urban Television, Tina Fierce and Mugumisa were the best of friends that if there was ever a thing as best woman at weddings, Tina Fierce would have been at Mugumisa’s in 2019.

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