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TikToker MC Chumi bail hearing pushed to January 12

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By Joan Murungi

The bail hearing of TikToker Sarah Nabasazi aka MC Chumi has been pushed to Thursday, January 12, 2023 at Makindye Magistrate’s Court.

She had been scheduled to appear in court today, Monday, January 9 over tarnishing the image of presidential adviser Jennifer Nakanguubi (Full Figure).

In October 2022, Nabasazi was arrested and then dragged to court for using social media (TikTok) to tarnish Nakanguubi’s reputation.

Nabasazi was accused of cyber-crime alongside TikToker Ismail Ssefuko, who is commonly known as Dr Cephco and Sarah Namukasa, who is said to be Ssefuko’s mother.

Oliver Nantumbwe 47, a cousin of the accused was told to provide photocopies of her national identity card and local council (LC)1 letter.

On January 5, grade one chief magistrate Esther Adikini remanded MC Chumi to Kitalya Prison after her surety failed to provide the required documents to secure her bail.

She never presented photocopies of her LC1 letter.

This prompted the magistrate to remand the accused to Kitalya Prison until January 9 for hearing of the bail application.

“The case will be adjourned to January 9 2023 so that we can give your surety enough time to gather the required documents,” Adikini said.

Witness testifies

Sarah Nabukera, a fan of the plaintiff (Full figure), told court that in October last year, she watched and recorded a live TikTok video where the accused were talking about the plaintiff.

“On a live Video, she said that she knows where Full Figure stays and that she will go there and cut her into pieces. She also said Full figure calls herself the presidential adviser yet she isn’t.”

While questioning her, Nabasazi defended herself saying that she apologized to the complainant, who later on forgave her.

Nabukera further alleged that on the same platform, Ssefuko said that Full Figure connived with court to steal his money. “I have the recordings on my phone and I handed the evidence to the police. The live video had a one Sarah K, Kalvin Kayanja and others.”

However, Nabukera admitted to being a fan and follower of the accused. This comes after Ssefuko asked her if she likes him as a fan on TikTok since she is his follower.

“I do not have any problem with your content but I do follow you.”

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