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Thursday Music Review – Down Memory Lane: Ndi Single – Big Eye

by Editorial Team
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By Dennis Asiimwe

I will be the first to admit that Big Eye features on our Memory Lane review because he got arrested somewhat hilariously, recently. I had heard the name mentioned in musical circles but I mostly ignored it – he simply hadn’t released anything to capture my attention, musically speaking.

Then he gets himself involved in an interesting scuffle with cops, something he could have been a little smarter about, and I decided perhaps I should look him up. Ndi Single looked like an interesting title, something he dropped two years ago, and it seems to have done well on YouTube with about 46,000 views, which is impressive, considering his target audience.

And yes, I make assumptions about his target audience because of the tongue-in-cheek lyric that is used for this song.

The track itself is a workable melody that has a catchy side to it – easy on the ear, memorable, and a happy-go-lucky sort of tune. It is the sort of song that would work well with his every-day-man audience. Also, and I have to admit I was surprised by this, he has some decent vocals on him.

So he can lay down a decent track with passable vocals (that’s just me being reluctant to admit he can sing), with a memorable melody, and his production values are not as bad as one might think they are. Big Eye has made a name for himself within his audience, and with songs like Ndi Single, it is easy to see why.

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