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Home Exclusives Those who do not pay for my craft are my loudest critics – Salvado

Those who do not pay for my craft are my loudest critics – Salvado

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By Ahmad Muto
City comedian Patrick ‘Salvado’ Idringi has slammed his critics, especially those on social media that he accuses of not paying for content/shows, but making the loudest noise.
Speaking to The Kampala Sun, he was reacting to a tweet by singer A Pass who told his critics that he is not singing for everybody and therefore will not make the effort to win fans. Salvado said it is something he wanted to do a long time ago, but A Pass put it well and he relates.
“I found A Pass’ message resonating with something I have been thinking about for a long time. Not everybody is going to like you. Not everybody is going to appreciate your work and those are the people who make the loudest noise. When he (A Pass) tweeted that, I thought wow, this is something I should have written to those people a while back,” Salvado said.
He added that social media users are in the habit of misinterpreting everything, and subjecting every post to unnecessary comparisons yet those who actually appreciate his craft do not make any noise.
“On social media, you post something and they start comparing who is the best yet everybody has their own audience. My target audience actually appreciate my craft. It is not for everybody, mine is for people who understand it. Unfortunately, those who do not understand, instead of keeping it to themselves or look for where they will understand, choose to make noise.”
On those accusing him of recycling jokes, he said he performs for different audiences in and outside Uganda, but those who watch on YouTube and do not even pay for shows are the ones always manufacturing opinions.
“So many people have said I recycle jokes, someone watches your comedy in Kampala and goes to compare it with the one in Kenya, then Nigeria, South Africa and yet even in Kampala he has not attended your show, but watched on YouTube. Not knowing everywhere you are going, you are performing for different audiences,” he added.

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