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There is only one Nyege Nyege International Festival – Aly Alibhai

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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

The organisers of the Nyege Nyege Kenyan edition have released a press statement to clarify that the Nyege Nyege festival in Kenya is entirely separate from the one in Uganda.

“The purpose of this communication is to prevent any confusion or misunderstandings among the public. While the Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda has been taking place for over six years, the Kenyan edition will have its inaugural event this year. The organisers of the Kenyan edition emphasise that their festival is an independent event with its own unique identity and programme,” they said.

According to the statement, the Nyege Nyege Kenyan edition aims to be a diverse celebration of music, art installations, workshops, and cultural experiences.

The organisers stressed the importance of recognising the distinction between the two festivals and asserted that the Kenyan edition stands out on its own merits.

However, Aly Alibhai, the CEO of Talent Africa, the Ugandan organisers and promoters of the Nyege Nyege festival, highlighted the existence of only one true Nyege Nyege International Festival.

Alibhai acknowledged that as a brand gains success and recognition, others may try to associate themselves with it.

Therefore, he urged the general public to exercise caution and rely on trustworthy sources such as the official Nyege Nyege Festival website, Talent Africa Group, reputable media outlets, and verified social media channels for accurate information about all Nyege Nyege activities.

Alibhai emphasised the need to stay vigilant against counterfeit sources and unauthorised information.

The upcoming edition of Nyege Nyege is set to be launched soon, and the event will take place at its usual venue – Jinja – sometime this year.

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