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The Mith defends Fameica and Gravity Omutujju

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By Ahmad Muto
Contrary to popular opinion, rapper Tom ‘The Mith’ Mayanja thinks Lugaflow artistes Gravity Omutujju and Fik Fameica are actually hip hop artistes who broke with convention for commercial reasons, to have the local population appreciate their music and have it played in clubs.
He argued that they chose beats that are not technically hip hop beats and turned them into records.
“I think what Fik and Gravity and those other guys are doing is hip hop. Everyone feels like hip hop should be on a certain kind of beat, but you know it is hip hop. They say it is the youngest music genre and it is still changing. They are clearly rapping on the beats. They just chose beats that are suitable for the clubs, fans in Uganda and so yes, it is hip hop and they say some of the nicest stuff,” he explained.
In 2018 after releasing Who is who, rapper Feffe Bussi particularly attacked Fameica and Gravity Omutujju, arguing that the genre they are doing is Afrobeat,but that they keep masquerading as hip hop artistes. He said mentioning them in his song was to make them realise they are misplaced and cannot rap about him.

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