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The Merchant of Venice comes to Kampala

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By Karim Ssozi

For those who do not have the palate for Shakespeare, the dinner theatre experience alone was worth it. On Saturday the Budonians (old boys and girls) had a production of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice at Serena Hotel, in support of mental health.

With Justice Mike Chibita as the executive producer, it attracted all the necessary glamour. And after all the red carpet moments, we settled in for the real gripping stuff.

Justice Mike Chibita and wife Monica cheer on during the play Merchant of Venice (photo: Karim Ssozi)

The lead actor, Joseph Atukunda (playing Shylock), battled mental health issues while at Kings College Budo in 1997, which was a result of depression. Since then, it has been a struggle for him, with Budonians helping him with hospital bills. A Shakespearean play of forgiveness, love and the divine quality of mercy is the kind that suited the mental health bill for him, the rest of the cast and the entire audience.

The production had prominent actors, likeKenneth “Pablo” Kimuli and Karen Hasahya. Patrick Nkakalukanyi, Sam Kimera, Tony Muwangala and Pamela Keyreko were also prominent faces.

The cast of the play Merchant of Venice (Photo: Karim Ssozi)

It helped that dinner was served at the end of the play, meaning we didn’t have to belch through an experience that called for all our attention.

The Merchant of Venice goes to the National Theatre over the weekend.

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