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The big three: Who would win the battle? experts give their verdict

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Well, the question on everyone’s mind would be, “Who would win the battle if organized?”. The three have gathered several fans, outed good music, and have made money over the years.

Music analyst and talent promoter Joseph Yiga of Jozeyking Promotions, who organized shows and hosted Bobi Wine in 2017, weighs in on who would win the Battle if it is organized.

The Biggest Crowd

Bobi Wine has a bigger crowd however he can not beat the two of them combined. He has gathered fans from music and politics and if all of them make it to the venue, he would make wonders.

The second here is Chameleone who has an everlasting fan base so loyal to him. Despite the scandals that surround him, they still put the scandals behind their backs and make it to the venue.

Bebe Cool would come next with a strong fanbase also loyal to him. Political issues have injured him in some way, but he still manages to keep a large number. What’s different with his fanbase is that he has mostly an audience that has a high purchasing power. While the two will have so many numbers at a low ticket cost, his tickets would be much higher but his fans can afford them.

Bobi Wine had a sizeable crowd during the kyarenga concert. file photo

The Music

Chameleone is undoubtedly the music champion. He has made more songs than the three, most of which have crossed borders, not for political reasons but for the sake of music. The message in his music cuts across all generations.

The next here is Bobi Wine. Over the years, he has strategically sung songs that cut into his political career. It is mostly understood by the people downtown.

Bebe Cool’s music is for party-goers. He sings music that is generally felt in the bars and for a short while. However, it has the power to be played in those mansions in Kololo and Myenga where his rich loyal fans reside.

Stage Performance

Bebe Cool is mad on stage. He is like a monster in live band. He is organized with a full band and can battle anyone. He has a great audience command, uses the mic so well, and knows how to coordinate with his team on stage.

Bebe Cool is such a great stage performer. File Photo

Chameleone is the next one here, with his many songs, he captures the audience with his deep voice and commands the stage. Even at live band, he uses all his energy, balances the stage, and captures all the sections of the audience.

Bobi Wine has energy too, commands the audience so well, and can do live band but the two are by far better performers.

International Music Power

Chameleone tops the chart here. Musically, he can attract a large audience from different countries to come and watch him. He has a large fanbase in Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo, Zambia, Malawi, and several other countries.

Bobi Wine comes next with a large political fanbase outside the country, which he has tried to turn into his music fans.

Jose Chamleone has star power. File photo

Bebe Cool doesn’t have a very large fanbase outside the country. He only got a few from Tanzania and Kenya in the times of the Bashment Crew when he teamed up with Wyre and Nazizi. He also made some other few with his song “Love You every day” which topped the charts in Africa.


Chameleone: 42%

Bobi Wine:     33%

Bebe Cool:      25%

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