Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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The B2C singers venture into events

by Editorial Team
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By Joan Murungi

With no sign of the entertainment scene opening up anytime soon, musicians have opted for plan B. Rather than wallow in pity or beg for handouts, some have swallowed their pride and started up their own businesses to earn a living.

People like the B2C’s trio (Kampala boys) have ventured into an events business as their side hustle.

Speaking to B2C’s Delivad Julio, starting an events business has always been the trio’s dream and being it that they aren’t working in these tough times, they opted for that.

“We have always wanted to have an events business. We started operating in April and the business is growing well. We have so far already bought things like tents, chairs, decorating materials and mobile sound that are operating at small parties, “Julio revealed.

It should be noted that people singer Ykee Benda are into piggery, King Saha has ventured into poultry farming whereas people like people Gravity Omutujju has ventured into bee keeping.

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