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Thank you for harbouring me – Chameleone goes emotional during his performance in Kenya

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By Paul Waiswa

Legendary singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone has gone through lots of criticism in his home country Uganda for the past few months after he confidently declared his support for the ruling government. The negativities and all kinds of dirt spat at the singer by his haters and rivals here in Uganda do not lower his recognition and love beyond Uganda. Chameleone is still a favourite to many in Kenya where he recently performed.

The Maama Mia hit maker stopped his performance and ardently thanked his Kenyan fans for showing him love and support when he had nothing. He said they made him the man he is now.
Chameleone said at the start of his music career in Kenya, he could not afford to buy a plate of food or a drink for himself, but because of the Kenyan support he received, he can now buy more than enough food for himself. He also recalled how Kenyan babes distanced themselves from him, but today the story is different. All this has changed because of the Kenyans’ initial welcome for him, harbouring him when he was working with the Ogopa DJ’s.

“I want to thank all of you my fans here for always believing in me, I came to Kenya when I could not even afford to pay a plate of food for myself, but now I can afford a full truck of food. Thank you for always believing in me. Every time I travel and meet a Kenyan, I bow down for the love and thank you for always making me the superstar I am today,” he said

Chameleone started his career in the 90s with Ogopa Deejays record label from Kenya. His first song was titled Bageya before dropping his mega-hit dubbed Maama Mia.

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